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Operating Systems - Windows 10

Win10logoThe Way Forward...

 Windows 10  
After the embarassingly shortlived shelf life of Windows 8/8.1, July 2015 saw the release of Windows 10 and it was immediately obvious within 24 hours of installing it that Microsoft were back on the ball again.
Gone is the ridiculous tiled Metro screen that was only ever designed for tablet users and the well loved and familiar desktop is back! But don't be fooled, this is not just a revamped version of the old Windows that we all knew so well, this is a new operating system built from the ground up that looks familiar, is easy to get to grips with, and has a host of new features that have you smiling within a couple of hours of first firing it into life.
One of the most noticable new features is the replacemnet of the old Internet Explorer with a completely new web browesr called "Edge". Internet Explorer has lost a lot of ground over the years to the likes of Firefox and Google Chrome and the new lightweight Edge is a welcome change. Whilst still in its infancy...Read more..

Operating Systems - Windows 7 & 8/8.1

win8logo    How does my operating system stack up?

Windows 7  
  First released in October 2009, Windows 7 quickly established itself as a welcome and familiar replacement for the ageing Windows XP and its successor Windows Vista. It is an extremely stable and reliable platform still widely in use, both in commercial and home environments.
With mainstream support for Windows 7 officially ending in January 2015 and extended support due to come to a close in January 2020, the end of the road is definitely in sight for this operating system, yet it remains to be a favourite with Windows users some 7 years after its introduction. Personally we love it, and in the absence of a free upgrade offer to Windows 10, we would happily recommend its continued use.
Windows 8/8.1  
  At the back end of 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8 to an excited and expectant public. In fairness, the response was lukewarm, at best.
It quickly became obvious that the platform was primarily designed for use on hardware that was touch enabled and it certainly appeared the focus was on grabbing a piece of the extremely lucrative up and coming tablet/phablet market. So much so that users discovered the start menu had even been removed from the desktop, when you eventually managed to find the desktop!  Read more..

Operating Systems - Windows XP & Vista

xp vistalogoOut with the old....

Windows XP  

October 2001 saw the release of Windows XP and it easily outstripped its predecessors by being the best and most stable release of the platform to date. It enjoyed the longest run of any operating system running right through to early 2007 when it was replaced by Windows Vista.
Whilst good in its day, XP is now totally unsupported by Microsoft with no security updates being released and an increasing inability to function in a world where everything has moved on. The last version of Internet Explorer able to be installed on Windows XP is version 8, which is now unsupported by a growing number of websites. Users still running XP enabled hardware should seriously consider upgrading both hardware and operating system.

Windows Vista  
  Very much like the story of Windows 7 to 8, the same rings true of the move from Windows XP to Vista. It also was a highly anticipated and long awaited release that was heavily criticised in the press and did not find many friends in the tech world. With a run of only approximately 33 months before being unceremoniously replaced by Windows 7, it is easy to see that it is a version of the platform best left unspoken about and tucked away into a dark corner somewhere.
End of life support for Vista has been set for January 2017 at which point it will start to suffer from a lot of the same problems that XP enabled machines are currently experiencing, especially when working in the connected world of the web.


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